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Order and shipment timing


Orders received before 12:00Hrs on working day (except Wednesday and weekends) will be handed over to PostNL on same day. PostNL normally delivers on the next day. In case of delay from PostNL, it will take 48 hours to deliver. Any specifications regarding time of delivery and modifications to where the package shall be delivered can be done using the tracking reference updated in the order .

 Once your order is shipped, a shipping confirmation email is sent to email ID used for ordering, it contains one  or multiple tracking numbers based upon order value of customer. Tracking number with PostNL starts with 3SMYPAXXXXX, which can be used to track status on postNL website


For Eindhoven location, all the orders received from Sat/Sun - Friday will be delivered during the next weekend in person. Also an option to pickup from our store is possible. For timings you can check with us for a pickup appointment on the phone number in your invoice

Information about shipment deviations


Wrong shipping address from customer(we try to call and clarify the address sometime if it is possible), APO request customer make sure all the required cells are filled to reach the parcel at your doorstep

Ex: Provide a phone number which is working/able to reach on time when needed to clarify


PostNL will attempt a one time delivery at home, if customer is not able to collect by any means, PostNL will drop a letter in letter box. The parcel will be moved to PostNL point (address and opening hours will be part of the tracking link) and parcel may stay for about 3-4 days, info will be part of tracking link.

APO is not responsible for the delay if the shipping boxes come back to APO. This is possible in case of wrong address /door bell not working /customer not present etc)

If the parcel is returned to APO due to unavailability,if it is a mistake from the APO team we will ship with free of charge, otherwise the customer should pay a two time shipment charge (2x4.99 euro towards APO to release the products/ship).

Products Damage during shipment

We are doing our best to make sure products are shipped in good way to customers, taking precautions /good practices on our side. In case of any damages reported from customers after the parcel is received, if received product is not  in a usable state report immediately to APO team and align on the damages. APO will share a coupon towards customer, coupon can be redeemed in next purchase at akshayapatraonline. Provided coupon is valid for 1 month from the date of purchase.

Ordered product not shipped

It can happen customer ordered a product online but it is missing in the shipment. This may happen due to delay or fault in updating our stock information. In this case, we also provide a coupon towards customer for product value,  Coupon can be redeemed in next purchase at akshayapatraonline.

In case of Vegetables, sometimes the vegetables are not supplied in time from our suppliers. As these are fresh items, they will not be procured much ahead in time and stored. It can happen that a particular type of vegetable is missing from the package. In this case, the customers will be notified either by email or phone. The money equivalent to the missing item will be refunded in the form of a coupon. This coupon can be used by the customer on the next purchase.

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