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Terms and Conditions



The products supplied by ‘Akshayapatra Online’ (hereby referred to as the company) are not products of manufactured by the company. They are supplied by the individual brands from various parts of the world. Any issue related to the quality of the products, nutritional information is subject to the individual brands only. Please read through the product information before purchasing.

Quality issues of the products, such as bad taste, unexpected texture or smell shall be reported immediately. The company shall inquire with the concerned brands. In this case, there will be no refund by default. If the company understands that the issue is due to bad storage conditions, then those items will be refunded immediately. The decision of refund rests with the company in this case.

Defects and Delivery

Any defects in the packaging upon delivery shall be reported immediately to the customer care of the company. The customer is expected to report with proper information of the defect and pictures. In case of packaging defect upon delivery, the damaged products will be replaced or refunded. This is applicable if the reporting is done with 1 day after delivery.

Delay in the deliveries by 2-3 days of indicated period is possible due to the uncertainties with delivery partners. The company shall communicate the customers of the delays as much as possible. However, the company is not responsible for the delay. No refund claims in this regard will be entertained. However, the chances of delayed delivery beyond the indicated period are very low.

Ordering and Cancellation

Cancellation of the order after it is packaged is not permitted. The status of the packaging shall be communicated to the customer. Customers can request cancellation of the order by options available in the order. The decision of the cancellation rests with the company.

In case a few products are out of stock but the customer has already placed an order (this can happen due to delays in the stock updates), the customers shall be informed of the situation immediately by the company through email or telephone. Decision to cancel the full order or continue with the remaining order rests with the customer. In the latter case, the remaining amount shall be refunded to the customer by the company.     

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